Marin Humane’s Guardian Program

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While it may not be pleasant to think about, who would look after your pets if something were to happen that prevented you from caring for your beloved companions? An exclusive benefit of making a bequest in any amount to Marin Humane is the opportunity to enroll your pets in our Guardians Program. Members of our Guardians Program have peace of mind, knowing that the expedited rehoming of their cherished pets will be handled by our experienced team, should the need ever arise. If you would like information about Marin Humane’s Guardians Program or leaving a [...]

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Two Great Ways You Can Leave A Legacy – Planned Giving

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With just a few words, you can make a huge difference. It’s true! Your support of Marin Humane can last far beyond your lifetime—and it only takes a few minutes to make it happen. Here are two popular ways to make your dedication continue for generations: 1. Include us in your will or living trust. How do I set it up? Add as little as one sentence (often referred to as “bequest language”) saying you want to support us. With the help of your estate planning attorney or your will-planning website, you can give a specific [...]

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