What the Dog Experts Don’t Teach You

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Continuing the themes of Mistaken Identity and Spicy Chihuahuas, Neil Lurssen reminds us that some things you just have to learn on your own. Herewith, Neil's take on Beagles and a shelter Chihuahua he once befriended: At a shelter like ours you can learn all sorts of stuff about dogs from trainers who have strings of letters behind their names that show how well trained they are themselves. I don’t have any of those letters behind my name but I want to pass on some useful things I have learned for myself down the years. You won’t [...]

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A beautiful and mysterious visitor In Neil’s previous blog about mistaken identities it was brought to light that many cats share similar physical characteristics. This came home to roost for me, quite literally, when one of my neighbor’s cats went missing and a cat who fit his description showed up in our garage, then took to visiting our deck chairs when the sun was hitting them just right. The neighbor’s missing cat is a young, svelte grey tabby with green eyes, as is the cat who decided our house seemed like a cool place [...]

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