The Cat, The Rat and the Girl

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Socially responsible pet guardianship can be difficult. Dogs? On-leash or off-leash? Do you really have voice control? Or did you take one series of beginning dog training and call it a wrap? Cats? Indoors or outdoors? “Catios” or cat proof fencing? This is just a short example of choices pet guardians make that impact other people and animals. The other night, Riff Raff, my generous but most troublesome cat, brought me a midnight gift of a live rat. Anyone who has been the beneficiary of such largesse can easily recognize the sounds of squeaking and scrabbling [...]

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Some Of My Friends Are Rats

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Rattus Rattus I never thought of rats as cuddly pets until I arrived at Marin Humane as a rookie volunteer.  My aim was to be a Dog Pet Pal doing my bit for pooches in need under the direction of the busy shelter staff.   But when you hang out with animal-care professionals for more than a minute you soon realize that all critters are special and worthy of love – even those our culture has taught us to regard as vermin. For the first time in my life I met rats as fun [...]

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Happy Endings – Mango And Berry

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I had been wanting another rat for a long time. I had my two, Lucy and Ethel, but I love having three. Then when one passes away, you don't feel bad for the other because they have another friend. When we learned they were bonded, I finally convinced my mom to bring me to meet them, and I fell in love. They're so much tinier than my other rats! They all sleep in a pile together now, becoming a huge ball of fuzz with Lucy and Ethel. My other pets, two guinea pigs, a rabbit, and [...]

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