Maui Airlift Update August 28, 2023

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Like most people, we watched the devastation the recent wildfires have wreaked on the beautiful island of Maui and its inhabitants. The loss of life, both human and animal, is heart-wrenching. “As soon as I heard about what was happening, I reached out to my colleagues in the islands,” said Nancy McKenney, CEO of Marin Humane. “It wasn’t known immediately what was needed but soon, we joined fellow Bay Area shelters in creating a plan to bring animals from Maui here to the mainland.” During and after disasters, it’s critical to create space in animal shelters near [...]

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Extending a Helping Paw: Welcoming Animals from Maui’s Devastating Fires

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In the wake of the devastating fires in Maui, Marin Humane — along with other area shelters — is extending a helping paw by welcoming kittens and dogs from Maui Humane Society into our care. These animals were already available for adoption at the time of the fire and are arriving in search of forever homes.   By taking in these animals, we’re also helping Maui Humane Society create space to care for the huge influx of animals displaced by the fires. This collaborative effort is a testament to our shared commitment to animals in need. [...]

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Who Needs Four Legs Anyway?

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A feisty little Terrier by the name of Petey is showing everyone at the Marin Humane shelter how he gets about fairly well with only two good legs. Petey was born with his rear legs badly deformed and not very useful for the type of running and playing that every spirited dog enjoys. He has taught himself to be remarkably agile despite this problem. In games of chase in grassy paddocks at the shelter, Petey keeps up with doggie playmates in a way that is heartwarming to see. But his human friends at the shelter have [...]

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