What the Dog Experts Don’t Teach You

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Continuing the themes of Mistaken Identity and Spicy Chihuahuas, Neil Lurssen reminds us that some things you just have to learn on your own. Herewith, Neil's take on Beagles and a shelter Chihuahua he once befriended: At a shelter like ours you can learn all sorts of stuff about dogs from trainers who have strings of letters behind their names that show how well trained they are themselves. I don’t have any of those letters behind my name but I want to pass on some useful things I have learned for myself down the years. You won’t [...]

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Fostering and Spicy Dogs

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In the pandemic summer of 2020, after three happy foster experiences (two shy little dogs from a hoarding situation and one elderly shepherd mix) we brought home a people shy and possibly “bite prone” Chihuahua mix. Let’s call him Tiny to protect his identity. After a few weeks of what felt like successful fostering, Tiny was adopted by a perfectly lovely family. Then he bit Dad and had to be returned. At that point, I wasn’t sure what else our home could offer Tiny. My concern was that he would learn he could pull that stunt [...]

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