A woman with her dog using a laptop on the bed

With special thanks to our friends at San Diego Humane Society!

A lifesaving bill that will allow veterinary telehealth in California needs your help! Ask your state senator to support AB 1399 today.

Currently, by law, veterinarians can only give medical advice after seeing pets in person — and the wait times for those in-person appointments can be long, stressful and inconvenient. The situation is even more dire for shelter animals in low attention regions of California. For many shelters, the closest veterinarian is 50 or more miles away, making physical visits incredibly challenging.

AB 1399 will make it legal for veterinarians to provide medical care for pets virtually. If the bill passes, pets will be able to receive care more quickly, and in situations where a physical visit is impossible.

How you can help: Use this link to find your representative and urge them to support AB 1399 today. Below is a sample message you can use or modify. For more information about AB 1399, please click here.

Thank you for taking a stand for animals and those who love them!

Hello, my name is [Your Name]. I live in your district and am requesting your support for AB 1399.

AB 1399 expands access to veterinary care across California by removing stringent barriers to veterinary telehealth and improving access for residents and their pets. It has the potential to make a life-changing difference for pets belonging to families in remote or underserved areas, those who are stressed by transportation and clinic environments, and those who belong to older Californians and owners with mobility issues. AB 1399 will help address the critical — and nationwide — veterinarian shortage and expand access to care for millions of people. Just last week, the Governor of Arizona signed similar legislation into law, joining Idaho, Virginia, and New Jersey in explicitly authorizing veterinary telehealth practices like those in AB 1399. Please vote YES on AB 1399.