ReconAn act of compassion occurs in every corner of the Marin Humane Society, every day. From the empathic exchange of information with a guardian needing to surrender their companion, the enthusiastic adopter preparing to take their new four-footed family member home, to the caring comfort an animal care technician provides an ill stray cat, and the consultation going on in our Behavior and Training department – we experience the gamut of emotions at MHS!

Recently, we had a situation that demonstrates both the heartwarming and heartbreaking side of our work. Marin County Fire Captain Jim Boggeri and his retired Search & Rescue partner, Recon, came into MHS to say goodbye. Recon (a 12 year-old yellow lab) had not been feeling well and through our K-9 Care program was referred to a private veterinary hospital for further tests and care. Cancer was discovered and Recon’s health declined very quickly. So realizing it was time, Captain Boggeri chose to bring him to the MHS. Our staff helped to find a private and comfortable space for the duo to be together while the rest of the family members were on their way. Once they were together and ready, our staff very compassionately and professionally made sure Recon’s passing was painless, quick and surrounded by love. They cried many tears before and after, because they loved Recon too.

I am honored the Boggeri family leaned on MHS for help and wanted us to provide a humane death for this four-footed heroic canine. I am so proud of how our staff handled this situation. I hope you think about all the love we experience through our animals, even if they don’t live with us long enough, and appreciate MHS’ commitment to helping both people and animals