Keeping Love Alive…

When the cost of caring for a cherished pet is more than a family can afford.

Dixie was the Willey family’s beloved dog, and when she developed multiple health challenges as an elderly pet, their expenses for her continued to grow. They wondered, “What do families who can’t afford care do when their pets need it the most?” Their desire to help struggling pet parents without the financial resources to care for their pets during critical times of need sparked the creation of The Dixie Project at Marin Humane. “All the time and money we spent on Dixie was to keep our family together for as long as possible,” said Carla Willey. “We hope this fund will help extend the quality of life for other pets and their families.”

The Dixie Project focuses on Marin Humane’s Pet Safety Net Program, because as the Willey family believes “no one should ever have to give up their beloved pet because they can’t afford pet food, veterinary care, or help with behavioral issues.” Pet Safety Net provides help with veterinary care, vaccinations, nutritious food, and other services to pets of Marin residents facing financial hardships. Marin Humane recently expanded the program to include spay/neuter assistance, free community clinics, and pet rental security deposits. The Dixie Project is seeded with the amount the Willey family would have spent for another year of her care. Their hope is that others will contribute to the fund in the name of love. Gifts may be made in honor of any pet.

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