Bandi195388v2Two dogs who were rescued halfway around the world have found their way to the Marin Humane Society (MHS) where they were adopted!

Porter is a young shepherd mix who was living on the streets of Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia when Mill Valley native Christopher Salisbury first saw him. He was teaching English there and fell in love with the homeless puppy and soon brought him to his apartment. He tried to find a home for him but was unable so he made the decision to keep him.

Christopher didn’t plan on taking in another dog but after seeing six-month old, Bandi, a hound mix whose ears had been crudely cut off, surrounded by boys armed with rocks, he became concerned. He watched as two men arrived and put a rope around Bandi’s neck and started to drag him off. He grabbed the rope from the men, and brought the frightened dog to the safety of his small apartment to join Porter.

Porter195389After trying unsuccessfully to find homes for either dog, he saved up enough money to transport them all the way back to the US, where he brought them to his parents’ home in Mill Valley.

While Christopher’s parents have tried to keep them in their home, with an elderly dog and cats already in residence, it has proved too much so they have placed their trust in MHS to find forever homes for these very special dogs.

Within a matter of days both Bandi and Porter were adopted into new homes.