Phone number: 17073573664
Pet’s Location: 95409
Pet’s Species: Cat
Pet’s Name: Farley and Baby
Pet’s Breed: DSH cat
Pet’s Color: orange tabby, grey tabby
Pet’s Weight/Size medium
Pet’s Age: 10 years
Pet’s Sex: Female
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Microchip: Uncertain
About the animal:

Farley and Baby lost their mom recently and are in great need of folks who will take them in and love them forever. These dear kitties were loved to pieces by their elderly mom and have been together since Farley joined the family as a kitten less than 4 years ago. These kitties are great friends. We are in great hopes of finding them a home together, as separation would be very hard on them. Both Farley (neutered male) and Baby (spayed female) are indoor-only kitties and are litter box trained. They are current on their vaccines and in good health, aside from Farley getting crystals in his urine (he requires a special diet).

 Farley is the short haired orange tabby pictured above. He has an adorable kinky short tail and all the charm those orange tabbies are known for. He is loving and social and loves his BF, Baby. Farley is a snuggle bun who wants to spend his nights asleep in your arms. He’s inquisitive and just the sweetest kitty one could hope to meet.

 Baby is 10 years old. She’s the short haired gray tabby, pictured above, with that beautiful round face and big, soulful eyes. Baby is very shy when she first meets folks but warms up with time. Baby adores her BF, Farley and they spend much time playing together. They have not spent much time with young children and have not lived with dogs. They have lived with other kitties, but it is believed it would be best for them if they were the only cats (in terms of easing this transition for them).

For more information please contact: Louisa or (707) 357-3664 (cell)