Greetings Volunteers,

As this year’s Volunteer Appreciation Week comes to a close, I find it hard to find the words to express how grateful we are for our 800+ volunteers. It goes without saying that we could never do what we do without YOU, but allow us to shout it from the rooftops: We could never EVER do what we do without our INCREDIBLE volunteers!

This week we shared a lot of photos and stories on social media about our volunteers. Here’s a sampling:

“It’s Volunteer Appreciation Week! We never cease to be amazed by the dedication of our volunteers! Sure, adorable puppies are a big draw – but these incredible people show up rain (looooots of rain) or shine, with big smiles on their faces, ready to help out. A lot of this work isn’t very glamorous: cleaning kennels, scooping litterboxes, washing dirty blankets, doing dishes, driving vans, doing data entry, checking voicemails, and so much more, but our volunteers never hesitate to get it done and keep our shelter running smoothly! We can’t begin to put into words how grateful we are, but we hope folks will join us in saying, “THANK YOU!!!!”


“Happy Volunteer Appreciation Week! Our shelter clinic is small yet mighty, and it’s made all the mightier by the support of our clinic volunteers! Our clinic team performed 1,726 spay/neuter surgeries in 2023, and that doesn’t include the many other procedures we see here at the shelter, whether it’s an emergency kidney stone removal, an entropion eyelid reconstruction, a colectomy, dental surgeries, and the list goes on. We couldn’t do it without these very special volunteers. Thank you!!”


“Sometimes the littlest creatures take up the biggest space in our hearts! That’s the case for our Small Companion Animal volunteers and Rabbit Romper Room volunteers, who ensure our more pint-sized shelter residents never get overlooked when it comes to companionship and enrichment. This Volunteer Appreciation Week, we’d like to give these volunteers (and there are many more than pictured here) a big round of applause for making a big difference to our smallest friends!”


“Ahhh, where do we even begin with our Dog Pet Pals? The amount of love, enrichment, and training that our shelter dogs receive from our Dog Pet Pals is hard to put into words for Volunteer Appreciation Week! They’re walking dogs in the rain and cold, in the heat and wind. They’re running special scenting classes to give shelter dogs a break from their kennels and a chance to learn something new. They’re taking dogs on field trips off campus to stretch their legs and explore new environments. They’re getting down on the ground to romp with puppies or earn the trust of an extra shy dog. They’re playing a lengthy game of fetch, they’re taking photos and videos, they’re sharing treats and cuddles, and generally keeping our dogs happy and healthy during their shelter stay! Please join us in saying THANK YOU to our Dog Pet Pals!!”


“Did you know we have a thrift shop in San Anselmo to support the shelter? And did you know it’s run entirely by volunteers? We’d like to give a shout-out to the amazing women running our thrift shop as we wrap up this Volunteer Appreciation Week! Proceeds from the store support the operation of our veterinary clinic, totaling more than $100,000 in gross sales for fiscal year 2021-2022! So they’re making a huge difference for our shelter animals, to say the least. If you’ve never visited, stop by today to find a new treasure or make a donation! Find Thrift Shop hours and currently accepted donations here.


“Welcome back to another San Quentin Saturday! Each Saturday, we share stories from our Pen Pals program at San Quentin prison, which matches specially-selected inmates who work in the prison firehouse with shelter dogs in need of a little extra TLC. Today, as we close out Volunteer Appreciation Week, we want to thank the handlers who volunteer their time in the Pen Pals program and support our shelter dogs! These incredible men give their time, energy, and very limited personal space to help the dogs who need them. They learn so many new skills so they can provide our dogs with training! And just like our other fosters, the handlers face the emotional roller-coaster of devoting oneself to an animal and then letting them go so they can find a forever home. Bittersweet but so rewarding! We’re forever grateful to all the volunteer handlers who are and have been in our Pen Pals program. THANK YOU!”


Three cheers to ALL of the Marin Humane + Hopalong volunteers making a difference one hour, one day, one kind word, and one smile at a time!

With love and appreciation from all the staff!
Candace & Sam