High Five to Kasey Rhinehart! Kacey comes in on her own time to video our long term animals so that we can feature them on social media and get them some additional exposure. The videos that she creates are truly special. Kacey has an amazing talent to find just the right footage – just the right wording – to include in a 1-2 minute video. In these short segments, she captures each animals’ sweet personality and tugs on your heartstrings all at the same time.

Kacey’s latest video featured Miss Peggy, who has been living the shelter life for a year!  Peggy’s video was beautiful and guess what….someone watched it and came in to adopt her the VERY NEXT DAY!! WOW! Thanks so much Kacey. You are amazing and we so appreciate all that you do to help us find our furry friends their forever homes.

~ Hugs from Peggy and the Adoption Staff

High Five to Emi Leeds & Larry Nilsen! It takes a village! Though you hear this saying all of the time, it couldn’t have been more true than when it came to the shelter dog, Bamm Bamm. This challenging young dog was at the shelter for many months. Dog Pet Pal (DPP)  extraordinaire, Larry Nilsen, took a special interest in Bamm Bamm, walking him almost daily. Larry also worked on behavior modification with Bamm Bamm.

In addition, DPP Emi Leeds, fostered Bamm Bamm for two weeks. In the weeks she fostered Bamm Bamm, he became completely housetrained. She also worked on some of his less attractive behaviors, such as his “mouthiness.” Now, his mouthing has turned into kisses! All of Emi and Larry’s hard work was well worth it … Bamm Bamm was adopted! Thank you, Larry and Emi, for dedicating your time and home to Bamm Bamm, and helping him find his forever home!

~ Candace Alexander, Volunteer Services

High Five to Anni Black! Rarely can the efforts of one person transform a room. Anni Black who coordinates our cat evaluations, has at least two cat evaluations shifts a week (as well as a weekly shift training the Pen Pals at San Quentin and teaching dog training classes, was shown UC Davis’ directions for making Cat Curtains to help the cats adjust to being in a shelter environment. Anni sprung into action.

She single-handedly tested alternatives and sewed dozens of new cat curtains made from donated sheets and pillow cases. Large buttons were donated by cat evaluators. Previously, we used towels to provide privacy for cats having difficultly adjusting to being in a shelter environment and sharing a room with 20+ other cats. The towels frequently fell off, made kennel cards impossible to see and made the doors hard to close. Within a few weeks Anni made cat curtains for all of the cat rooms in the shelter.

Anni’s curtains are attractive, allow the paperwork to be outside of the curtains where they are clearly visible, are adjustable so we can slowly give cats the ability to see more of the room as they are ready. As a result more kitties are getting curtains and having an easier transition. We have long ones for the big cages in the Treatment Room, short ones for the cages in Strays, and itty bitty ones for the overflow feral cages in Strays. Thank you Anni for transforming the lives of the kitties and the staff and volunteers who work with them!

~ Beth Weil, Feline Behavior Coordinator

High Five to Animal Transporter Volunteers! I want to give our Transporters a High Five for handling an incredibly busy month of June.  We had over 15 different Transporters handle 71 hours of transports! Transporter volunteers took Marley the cat to and from Radiocat in Redwood City; sweet Chihuahua Bonzai to rescue via Santa Rosa Airport; 50 kittens went to local off-site vet hospitals to be spayed/neutered; 3 wonderful French Bulldogs went to rescue in Folsom; 3 rabbits went up to Napa and lovely LilyLou went to the ophthalmologist. At times our Transporters had up to 9 kittens in crates in the back of the car.

Marin Humane is so lucky to have such a generous group of volunteers to take our animals where they need to go. Our transport requests are answered and filled within a couple of hours of sending out the email. High Five to this intrepid group of Transporters—they get our animals safely to and from Marin Humane and ALWAYS with a smile.

~ Mary Stumpo, Animal Care Volunteer Coordinator

High Five to Suzanne La Haye! High Five to Suzanne for answering a VERY last minute call for help on a busy Friday morning at Kitty Corner. Without Suzanne’s help I would have had a very challenging morning cleaning 3 empty condos, feeding kitties and cleaning their condos all by myself – all before we opened. Suzanne came in  to help even though she had already volunteered two days that week and stayed past her time to help Laura the night before. She helped me clean, mop and feed the kitties – all was completed before we opened. Thank you Suzanne for answering our plea for help. We are SO very happy that you’re part of our Kitty Corner Team.

~ Marisa Russo, Adoption Team

High Five to Lauren Houde! Lauren Houde is a Marin Humane volunteer extraordinaire! Not only is she a regular Animal Care volunteer, Medical Assistant volunteer, and Dog Pet Pal, she went above and beyond on Saturday July 21st by staffing a Marin Humane table during a disaster response educational event at Lagunitas School. Lauren works in administration for the Marin County Fire department.

Knowing that we didn’t have anyone available to represent Marin Humane at this important event, Lauren changed her schedule to be our ambassador there. She picked up all of the tabling materials the night before and from 9am-11am, she interacted with between 200-300 people who attended to learn more about disaster preparedness. Thanks to Lauren’s concern and extra effort, residents in that community now know more about Marin Humane and the resources we provide! Many thanks and a HUGE HIGH FIVE to Lauren!

~ Anne Oliver, Volunteer Services

High Five to Chris Gallagher, June Bannister, Lee Blackburn & Carole Mason! A huge High Five to Chris, June, Lee and Carole for volunteering at the East Bay SPCA Adoptathon on July 21st. This event is a very long, busy offsite event with lots of people and animals. They all drove out to Oakland, helped us set-up, spent the entire day with me and Laura, and showed great customer service skills the entire time. They were a tremendous help all day and helped to find forever homes for three animals! We couldn’t do it without these volunteers! Thank you!

~ Kyle Dunlop, Animal Care Supervisor