High Five to Dawn Landes! Dawn Landes is stellar Medical Assistant Volunteer! In addition to her existing superior experience from volunteering at the Marine Mammal Center, she has gained significant knowledge about the many odd things that happen around the shelter.

Dawn is also a cat evaluator, which definitely came in handy the day before the Gala. She and another volunteer, Betsy McGee, were evaluating one of  kittens scheduled to go to the Gala who had just arrived the previous day via PPP. During their evaluation, Dawn noticed suspicious hair-loss which she has seen when she treated ringworm felines as Medical Assistant Volunteer. We checked the kitten, and sure enough, he was ringworm positive. Since all PPP felines were exposed to his ringworm from the other shelter, during transportation and intake, Dawn helped me to scan all the PPP felines to be sure they were ringworm free  and OK to attend the Gala.  Luckily, he was the only one.  But, without her keen eyes, he could have gone to the Gala, petted by many guests ,and potentially spread his ringworm to which would have been a disaster.

Dawn has also been a go-to feline foster especially for the those with medical or behavioral issues. Suzanne Gollin, foster care coordinator, has asked her to foster felines with anorexia or litter box issue, as well as those who need to gain weight or need socialization, or those who require medication and sometimes medical observation to determine their future outcome. She is the only foster I know of in my 10-years here, who understands what it takes to care for these felines and give the foster animals the best home/care possible during those difficult times. Kudos to Dawn for her courageous compassion for animals! And for ALL she does “behind the scenes”!

~ Yukari Mikami, Medical Assistant

High Five to Jackie Quam! On a Monday morning, our superstar Kitty Corner Volunteer, Jackie Quam, noticed that something wasn’t right with Wendy, one of our feline friends @ Kitty Corner. She noticed that Wendy was having an issue with her rectum. Wendy suffered a prolapsed rectum at her previous shelter which was surgically corrected, but it looked like this problem had reoccurred. Jackie did the right thing and immediately contacted Adoption Staff.  An officer was close by and went right over to pick-up Wendy.  Once back at the shelter, Wendy had surgery to repair her prolapsed rectum, hopefully once and for all.

Your astute observation and quick action made all the difference in the world to Wendy. We (and Wendy!) so appreciate all that you do for our feline friends at Kitty Corner. You are AWESOME!

~ Ruthie Tolleson, Adoption Supervisor

High Five to Gordon Robinson and Rita Plank!! Gordon and Rita have the unique emotional capacity to work with and love all types of dogs, including dogs here at the shelter who have serious medical or behavioral issues. They know these dogs, who may ultimately not find new homes, need love and kindness just like all of the others who are more easily adopted. When we have dogs like this in our shelter, Rita and Gordon show up nearly every day and night to ensure the dogs get at least a potty break. And, often they are able to spend up to an hour giving them some special attention.

On the occasion that we have run out of resources for dogs like this and our only option is euthanasia, Gordon and Rita go above and beyond to give these dogs some of the best days of their lives. They are able to arrange their home situations with their own dogs to bring the dogs home with them, give them the entire house to explore, feed them a feast and let them sleep in a great big bed with their current favorite human!

When it’s time to come back to the shelter for euthanasia, the dogs continue to be showered with love and affection, making their crossing over the Rainbow Bridge peaceful and calm. And, each dog gets Rita’s trademark kiss mark goodbye on their forehead.

We, both humans and dogs, are very fortunate to have Rita and Gordon who sacrifice their own sorrow for other creatures’ happiness.

~ Yukari Mikami, Veterinary Assistant

High Five to Glenn Normandin! From a happy puppy adopter:  “My experience with the adoption process at Marin Humane has been very positive and I am most grateful to everyone, including Glenn, who assisted me in getting acquainted with Teeva, (now Sweet Pea/Sweetie). Glenn even followed up with a call to see how we were getting along. I only hope everyone who adopts at Marin Humane has the same positive experience I have had. Thank you very much.”

Glenn is an AWESOME Adoption Volunteer! He is so pleasant to work with and provides GREAT Customer Service to all who enter our doors. THANK YOU Glenn for volunteering in the adoption department.

~ Ruthie and the Adoption Team

High Five to Marilyn Freund! Not many people relish the idea of going through drawers and drawers of old files and photos but when Marilyn realized how overwhelmed MarCom was with organizing and/or purging, she offered to help – and hasn’t stopped! Marilyn has spent countless hours combing through our “archives” and helping us make tough choices about what to keep, how to store it, and what to purge and when. She’s also found some real gems along the way.

Marilyn’s patience and upbeat attitude doing this often tedious project is much appreciated. And the fact that she does this work on top of her regular MarCom volunteer duties, like photographing cats, editing photos for the show, and updating shelter buddy, as well as her other volunteer jobs with Kitty Corner, and B&T, makes her a volunteer superstar! Thank you, Marilyn. Marin Humane is so lucky to have you on our team!

~ Lisa Bloch, Director of MarCom