High Five to Ellie Stein! Marin Humane participates in a segment on ABC7 News called “Perfect Pet,” where we bring adoptable animals to the studio every month to be featured live on TV but this month, the MarCom department found itself short-handed and in need of a little help. Ellie stepped up to the plate and brought the adorable Duke down the ABC7 studio in San Francisco and did the on-camera interview herself!

Ellie was her warm, poised self on TV and helped little Duke shine! I’m so grateful to Ellie for being open to trying something above and beyond what she normally does. Being on camera (live, no less) can be a pretty nerve-wracking endeavor but she was awesome and did Marin Humane proud!

Lastly, as if that wasn’t enough, Ellie wasn’t supposed to go back up to the shelter but after hearing Adoptions was short staffed that day, she drove straight up to work an Adoptions shift! Thank you and High Five, Ellie!

~ Lisa Bloch, MarCom

High Five to June Bannister, Grace Marshall, Lee Blackburn, Rainey Sarmiento and Chris Gallagher! High Five to June, Grace, Lee, Rainey and Chris for helping with the animals and the public at the SPCA Adopt-A-Thon. Everyone did a great job answering all the questions that people asked and were wonderful at handling the dogs and making sure they were comfortable. Double High Five to June and Grace for meeting me very early in the morning to help load the van with animals and supplies and then setting up once we arrived in Oakland. Everyone’s help was very much appreciated. Thank you for all you do!

~ Patricia Castaneda, Adoptions

High Five to Michelle Harris! THANK YOU Michelle for being such an awesome Adoption Volunteer. Michelle came in with oodles of adorable kitty blankets that she made in her spare time ;). Our adopters LOVE to go home with these blankets! Michelle, we so appreciate all of the SUBBING that you do for us, as well as your wonderful creative talents ;). You ROCK!

~ Ruthie and your adoption friends

High Five to the B&T Special Shelter Dogs Team! I wanted to share some of the work we have been doing over the past six months with some of our most challenging dogs. The Development group obtained a donation for extraordinary medical and behavior rehabilitation work. The Medical team generously gave the lion’s share of the donation to B&T for behavior modification work and we got going right away!

This is simultaneously a “Way to Go” and a volunteer “High Five” to the team! These dogs received daily and often twice daily training and behavior modification work during their stay. A couple of the dogs were much more complicated than I have expected, but the team never wavered. In fact, they demonstrated incredible dedication to each dog. We also received support from several of the Extra Care Pet Pals who volunteered to be trained in walking these dogs while maintaining their training criteria.

Staff: Virginia Grainger, Amy McPherson, Sarah Owings, Helen Rigg, Karen Schuerholz. Volunteers: Rosemary Oliveira, Ann-Marie Santana!

~ Dawn Kovell, B&T

High Five to Gala Shelter Prep Volunteers! I would like to give a HUGE High Five to a group of volunteers who were a critical part of the team that prepared the shelter for the Gala Behind the Scenes Tour. When you say, “it takes a village,” this group was truly that Village.

Sue Chiaroni & Theani Louskos collected cat-themed fleece bedding a month in advance of the Gala. They then decorated the adoption cats & lobby kittens bedding with coordinated colors & prints that made their areas look whimsical. They truly made it possible for our cats to put their best paw forward. Iris Waugh came in early Saturday morning to accomplish the near impossible: making sure the windows in the lobby condos were clean inside & out. You try that with kittens & see how long it lasts! Shilo Landis came at the crack of dawn on Saturday to scrub down the stains on the dog adoption floors. She accomplished the near impossible. Yep, stain free. Garry Jackson finished his morning cat feeding duties & then washed & cleaned all the interiors of the windows down the adoption hallway. Since the professionals weren’t allowed in with the animals, he had to spend his time with bunnies, cats & puppies. Tough duty. Georgia Couderc staked out dog intake. She cleared everything away & had the dog bathing area sparkling.

I want to give a special shout out to our Community Volunteers; Brian, John & Stuart. Between them they cut beds from the huge rolls of fleece, cleaned away fingerprints, repainted the disability parking space in front of the vet clinic & polished the stainless steel in our kennel kitchen. They turned ‘cobwebbing’ into a verb!

Cooperation & teamwork. This is what helped make the shelter tour a success.

~ Mary Stumpo, Animal Care

High Five to Garry Jackson! Garry Jackson is a morning volunteer cat feeder for animal care and also a transporter. There have been times when he has volunteered to fill in for other cat feeders. There have also been times when he has been handling his cat feeding responsibilities and I will get a transport request that is urgent.

Just this thing happened last week. Garry was handling the morning cat feeding and we got an urgent request to transport a cat out of Marin Humane because she wasn’t thriving here. Garry didn’t blink an eye and said he would handle the transport. From the time I sent out the original request to the actual driving only one hour had transpired!

But that’s not all. Garry was filling in for the evening cat feeder that same night. So, there he was, back in the shelter that evening feeding the cats again. What would be a long day for us is just another opportunity for Garry to show our animals how much he cares and loves them. Garry epitomizes our values of compassion and cooperation.

~ Mary Stumpo & Kyle Dunlop, Animal Care