High Five to Deb Mendelsohn!  Deb has been a volunteer for many years socializing our adoption rats as well as providing information on new arrivals. With her many, many years of rescuing rats she is an invaluable resource to Marin Humane for behavior modification and recommendations on enrichment. Deb also has a keen eye for potential health issues with rats in our care.

Recently there have not been as many adoption rats to socialize, but that doesn’t stop Deb from helping out. She asked about helping with laundry and now if there aren’t any rats to socialize you’ll see Deb stepping in to help do laundry.And she does it all with a smile! Deb has helped spread the word about what great pets rats can be—fun and entertaining! – and has helped us have a much greater appreciation and love for them.

~ Suzanne Gollin, Small Companion Evaluator

High Five Lauren Houde! Lauren has been a stellar volunteer for Marin Humane in a variety of roles: she is an animal care morning dog feeder, medical assistant volunteer, extra care dog pet pal, and foster parent. Lauren is also a “TLC expert” – she uses her expertise gained by attending intensive animal massage seminars with the shelter animals.

Lauren is my Medical Assistant go-to volunteer when I need last minute help. She always comes in with a smile and positive attitude despite her busy day at work. Since Lauren comes in after hours, she encounters many unforeseen shelter procedures that other volunteers, or even staff, have not been trained to handle. Whatever the task might be, Lauren does them compassionately and efficiently. When the medical assistant duties are light, Lauren will tackle any other task, including cleaning the microwave and fridge! She will also walk dogs that are overdue for a walk, staying late to ensure they have a last potty break. Lauren’s dedication without boundaries has contributed to help many precious lives. Thank you Lauren!

~Yukari Mikami, Vet Assistant

High Five to Kathie Meier and John & Megan Lorenzen! Kathie volunteers in our Community Engagement programs, helping bring cheer to the young and elderly with her two dogs every week. Kathie also goes above and beyond by donating her time to our Education department with creative workshops, such as the Dog & Cat Gingerbread House Decorating workshop that she and her family, John & Megan Lorenzen led in December. We had about a dozen children here to design their own custom house and many decorations for them to get creative. A huge High Five to Kathie, John, & Megan for their commitment to creativity and adding some sugary fun to our holiday season.

~Chelsea Fairbanks, Humane Education Coordinator

High Five to Paula Spencer! Paula is one of our most devoted rabbit volunteers and has helped grow our rabbit socialization program tenfold. In addition to coordinating the volunteers for Wednesdays Rabbit Romper Room (RRR), Paula trains new rabbit volunteers, receives input from the RRR folks, and fills out Behavior Evaluation forms for new rabbits. This is important so that we have a more thorough description of each bunnies personality. Paula also participates in several special events: Hoppy Hour, which takes place at Kitty Corner, and Dog Day Afternoon at Cavallo Point (yes, we bring several rabbits for this fundraiser to promote little critters :-). Paula can be found on the floor in the Ed Room each Wednesday giving veggies to our rabbits and guinea pigs! Thank you, Paula, you are a ROCK STAR!

~ Suzanne Gollin, Small Companion Animal Volunteer Coordinator