Volunteer High Five to Judy Frumkin & Renaldo Batz! High Five to our wonderful Kitty Corner Volunteers: Judy Frumkin and Renaldo Batz. These two amazing volunteers will fill in and sub at KC at a moment’s notice – and they did! After a deep cleaning of Kitty Corner, it was time to bring back all the kitties – no easy task. Judy and Renaldo were a huge help setting up all of the condos for our new feline residents, unloading 8 cats and making sure they were all comfortable and happy. Everything was handled and put away on time to open at noon. Everything went smoothly because of their camaraderie and support! We couldn’t have done it without these two. Many, many thanks!

~ Laura, Marisa and Ruthie, Adoptions

High Five to Mary Bailey! I’d like to send a huge HIGH FIVE to Dog Pet Pal Mary Bailey. I was walking back from the agility field when I saw a volunteer walking around carrying a poop bag, wearing gloves. She wasn’t picking up poop, however… she was picking mushrooms! With all the moisture we’ve been getting, there are mushrooms everywhere that our dogs might be interested in sampling, and who knows if some of those mushrooms are poisonous? Mary decided to walk around the campus to get rid of as many of the mushrooms she could find. Thank you so much, Mary, for helping to keep all of our dogs safe and healthy!

~ Kristin Herrera, Dog Sport Program Supervisor

High Five to Paula Spencer! A big high five for Paula Spencer for hosting a donor and her daughter yesterday. The daughter had brought in a pet food donation which she requested in lieu of birthday gifts at her recent 7th birthday party. Her parents sponsor the Oskar Legacy Fund & also adopted the famous Sharkbite, who was fostered by Sam W. for so long. I asked Paula if it was OK to bring them into Rabbit Romper Room and she said of course. Paula was most welcoming and patient with both the girl and her mom, explaining how to properly pet a bunny and also a little bit about their backgrounds and breeds. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learned a lot (as did I). Thank you Paula!

~Connie Downing, Development Manager

High Five to Georgia Couderc! I want to send a High Five to the amazing and multi-talented Georgia Couderc. We recently had some renovations done in the Dog Grooming Room (Intake Dogs) that left the room a little dirty. Georgia came in and put Mr. Clean to shame. It sparkles in there and she even did the windows. And then, after all that, she came into the clinic and helped us finish up surgeries so we could relieve staff that would have been stuck here at the shelter due to the Richmond Bridge closure! Thank you Georgia for cleaning the Dog Intake/Bathing Room and all your efforts in the Veterinary Clinic!

~ Keri Fennell, Director of Shelter Services

High Five to Grace Marshall! Grace finished her Adoption Counselor training just a few weeks ago and she’s already pitching in whenever she can. Due to a morning sick call, we put out an S.O.S. email for a volunteer to sub the 2-7p shift – not an easy shift to find a sub. BUT…..Grace came to the rescue and volunteered to help out from 1-7p. THANK YOU Grace for being such a wonderful new addition to the Adoption Department. You are wonderful with both the animals and our adopters. We love having you on our team. Thanks a bunch!

~ Ruthie, Catherine and Mary, Adoptions

High Five to Saturday Evening Dog Pet Pals! I would like to give a big High Five to the Saturday evening dog pet pals! It wasn’t until I went outside to go home (this Saturday night of February 2nd) did I realize how cold & wet it was! All the while I had been watching dedicated volunteers coming & going to be sure that all the dogs were getting out to be walked.  Rain or shine, the dog pet pals never cease to amaze me. Tonight was no exception. Thank you to Ken, Marifran, Cathy & John. (and anyone else I forgot to mention)! It was bitter cold and wet enough to make it extra chilly, yet you didn’t let that stop you. We and the dogs appreciate your determination to get out of your cozy homes to see that the dogs are comfortable for the night. Thank you thank you!

~ Catherine Tryon, Adoptions

High Five to Animal Assisted Therapy Rock Stars! On Friday morning, 2/8/19, we received  a call from a local school asking for therapy dogs to visit with the students that had experienced a tragic and emotionally difficult event. We sent out an urgent request to our animal-assisted therapy volunteers to see if anyone was available.

A big volunteer high five to Carol Bellero & Ruby, Maggie Harris & Honey, Skip Hastings & Worthy and Helen Lang & Shadow who answered the call. We were able to offer emotional support to the students throughout the school day. One student, as she hugged Honey, said, “What did we do to deserve dogs in this life?” This is just one example of how touched both students and staff were by our visits.

Thank you for your dedication, empathy and for sharing  your wonderful canines. We are so proud of our volunteers for the support they brought to our community when they were in need and responding so quickly.

~ Shilo and Darlene, Community Engagement

Volunteer High Five to Russell Farnell! Russell is a wonderful volunteer — he volunteers at Kitty Corner, does animal transports and fosters as well. In December, he took Gypsy (a Rottie mix) and her 6 BIG puppies for 6 loooonnnng weeks, which was a huge undertaking! And one pup was suffering from pneumonia, requiring medication and multiple daily nebulization and coupage treatments for over 4 weeks. The pup pulled through with flying colors. This was no simple foster! Russell did a wonderful job handling and socializing the pups. He got big kudos from all of the staff who handled the pups on their return and were blown away at what nice, social puppies they all are. Excellent job, Russell! Your reward for all of your hard work is a new lifelong friend – Lady!

~ Belinda Evans, Shelter Veterinarian

High Five to Christine Maimon-Duclos! Laundry volunteer extraordinaire Christine comes in on Sunday mornings and usually volunteers about two hours. Today (2/24/19) when she arrived I apologized in advance for what she was about to see! I’m not sure how, but boy oh boy, we were behind on laundry. In addition to our usual three extra-large cans full, there were at least two more regular cans full PLUS several small piles on the ground. It would make anyone take a look & run!But not Christine …. she put her apron on, got her smile going, and got to it—for 6 hours! By late afternoon, Christine had done ALL of the laundry! THANK YOU Christine! It’s not a glamour job but we sure need it done. We appreciate you stepping up to make sure animals have clean and comfortable bedding.

~ Suzanne Gollin, Foster Care Coordinator

High Five to Monique, Russell, Josie & Malcolm—Fabulous Fosters! In the middle of December we took in a Rottweiler mix momma dog and her seven puppies that were only a week old! There were seven puppies that we knew would get considerably bigger; the mom was not a small dog, and the prospective foster would need to keep everyone for about eight more weeks! This could be a challenge, but also felt confident that I could get them out of the shelter soon.

After numerous phone calls to foster families I was not having much luck. Then I spoke with Monique C.  and she said that they could take everyone but only for two weeks. Ok, that bought me some time. It was suggested I call Russell F. who frequently transports dogs to us from other shelters and had expressed an interest in fostering.

So Gypsy and her six puppies (sadly one puppy died unexpectedly) got picked up at Monique’s and off to Russell’s house they went. And, Russell, who’s never had a dog let alone seven!, was an incredible foster. He invited people over, kept all of the puppies clean, and took Gypsy on numerous walks to burn off her energy. After the puppies started eating on their own (at about six weeks of age), Gypsy went to a new foster home with Josie and Malcolm to dry up and get a much needed break from her pups. They fell in love with her! Josie and Malcolm took Gypsy on walks, had numerous children over (which Gypsy loved), and after several weeks she was ready to be spayed and go up for adoption.

Another important person who helped keep the puppies healthy was Suzie H. Suzie and I went to Russell’s house several times to vaccinate the puppies. This was much easier than crating six (now very big) puppies and driving them to the shelter. And what happened to everyone? Gypsy, as of this writing, is up for adoption. All of the puppies have been adopted. And yes, Russell couldn’t resist and adopted one for himself. And two of his friends adopted a puppy so even though he doesn’t have six puppies in his house, there will likely be some playdates with at least three puppies in the near future!

A very big HIGH FIVE and many, many thanks to all of these fosters for helping us save seven lives.

~ Suzanne Gollin, Foster Care Coordinator