High Five to Logan Frey! Logan volunteers with Animal Care multiple days a week. He consistently helps us with cleaning animal rooms, in setting up cages for new incoming animals, any odd jobs we ask for assistance, and so many other tasks! Most recently, Logan helped me clean up the back compound. He always has a great attitude every time that he comes in and is willing to help wherever needed.

We greatly appreciate all of his help and dedication to the organization. THANK YOU LOGAN!

~ Kyle Dunlop, Animal Care

High Five to Bill Boyd, Michelle Harris, Joanie Corbett and Regina Joppert! This dynamic foursome helped out with an outpost at Pet Food Express last weekend for the Grand Opening of the new VIP Wellness Center. We brought 3 dogs, 4 kittens and a pair of guinea pigs. These four superstars helped load the van, unload the van, set up, keep our fury friends happy and greeted the public with a Marin Humane smile – all in 100 degree weather. Because of them, 5 animals found their fur-ever homes. THANK YOU all ….you are truly awesome!

~ Patricia, Ruthie & the Adoptions team

High Five to Susan Davis & Glenn Normandin! Tuesday is a normally quiet day but today was quite different. Busy from the time we opened to the time we closed. All but two of our volunteers called in sick and we had no greeters. Glenn and Susan muscled through the morning and afternoon shifts. Both managing to juggle introductions, adoptions, phone calls and lots of inquiries and questions. The only thing Susan said was “Boy, this day went by fast!”

All in all they did a terrific job and we had a successful day. Thanks Susan and Glenn!

~ Mary McDermott, Adoptions

High Five to the Kitten Shower Volunteers! Perhaps you heard, but we had a Kitten Shower on Saturday June 29th at our Novato Shelter and also at Kitty Corner. When I sent out an email for some help setting up and breaking down, 3 Animal Care Volunteers raised their hands. Theani Louskos, Susan Barnes and Garry Jackson came to my rescue. Susan and Theani helped with the set-up. (Theani took a cart ride with me that I don’t think she will ever forget. She asked me a couple of times if I had a license!). Between Susan and Theani we were all decorated and ready to go at noon. That’s when they asked if I had any help for the actual Shower. Uh Oh. No. With that, both volunteered to stay the entire time and I am so glad they did. Theani became the ‘Prize Wheel and Cake Barker’, walking through the Lobby encouraging people to come to the Shower and enjoy the game and some tasty cake. Susan turned into comic relief keeping the kids calm and engaged along with their parents. Garry came at just the right time to help me break everything down and I couldn’t believe how quick and efficient he was.

With teamwork, flexibility, creativity and positive attitudes, these three made the Kitty Shower our most successful one to date!

~ Mary Stumpo, Animal Care

High Five to Melissa Henderson and Christine McIntire! In addition to being AWESOME Kitty Corner Volunteers, these two superstars volunteered to help with our Kitten Shower at Kitty Corner. Melissa and Christine helped set things up, welcomed visitors, passed out cake and lemonade, took in donations and did all of this with a big Marin Humane smile. And, they cleaned up at the end of the day. Thank you both for being so willing to assist us at a moment’s notice and for representing Marin Humane so well. We SO appreciate all that you do for us!

~ Marisa and Ruthie, Adoptions

Volunteer High Five to Susie Harper! Several weeks ago we helped another shelter by taking in a mom dog (now named Luna) with seven (!!!) puppies that were about four weeks old.

Josie and Malcolm, fantastic fosters, were up for the challenge but about two weeks in realized that seven, well eight, canines were a bit much for them to take care of (and we completely understood!). Since the puppies were eating on their own, we split them up and get mom to a separate foster so she could dry up. This would be a total of four homes. The day everyone came back to the shelter, I was a bit panicked, wanting everything to go smoothly and not have the puppies here too long. Staff was very busy already, so with a big smile and pleading eyes I asked Susie if she would help me vaccinate mom and the puppies. She said she would love to and between the two of us, and a pair of very organized foster parents, we got all of the puppies and Luna ready to go to their new foster homes in about ½ hour!

Even though I told Suzie Thank You many times that day, I wanted to say it one more time. Because of her attitude, experience with vaccinating canines, and organization skills she helped me take care of a task that on my own would have taken twice or maybe three times as long!

~ Suzanne Gollin, Foster Care Coordinator

High Five to Nancy Baird (board member), Chip Smith (board chair), Jennifer Lippay, Jenny Fung, Julie Wainwright and Wyllys Baird! This great group of volunteers represented Marin Humane in the City of Novato’s Fourth of July Parade.  They walked along side one of our branded vehicles (wearing cute cat ear headbands), handed out our “Too Hot for Spot” flyers (which are in both English and Spanish) as well as candy to the crowd. They reported lots of cheers and applause when our parade entry was announced and came back willing to do it again.

Thank you for giving up your Independence Day holiday to raise awareness for our organization and have a little fun too.

~ Nancy McKenney, CEO

High Five to Kathryn Dougherty! Not only is Kathryn an active Dog Pet Pal, Dog Pet Pal Mentor & DPP Mentor meeting organizer, she is an AMAZING chef! At all of the Dog Pet Pal meetings, Kathryn cooks and bakes delicious meals and desserts … all of which are greatly appreciated by her fellow volunteers (and staff) who attend. Thank you, Kathryn, for going above & beyond to so generously nourish your teammates at these meetings and for everything else you do in the B&T department! You are awesome!!

~ Candace Alexander, Volunteer Services