High Five to Jill Fugaro! Jill Fugaro is a volunteer mentor extraordinaire! One of the homework assignments for our Your Dog to Share class, the training to become an animal assisted therapy team for Marin Humane, is to observe a current volunteer and their dog. We have a few teams who help us and the one who mentors most frequently is Jill Fugaro and her dog, Shasta.

We really love sending new volunteers to observe this very experienced and compassionate team. They visit at The Redwoods in Mill Valley every Monday morning. Jill demonstrates how the work can be so rewarding and the skills needed to have a successful visit. After the visit she always sends us an update. We are so appreciative of her volunteer work and for sharing her expertise and Shasta.  Thank you, Jill & Shasta, for all your Animal Assisted Therapy work!

~ Darlene Blackman, Community Engagement

High Five to Sal Citarella & Larry Nielsen! I just want to give a shout out to Larry and Sal for helping me with Suds and & Rocco’s baths yesterday!

Suds (being the farm dog she was) smelled like she’d rolled in one too many manure hills. And with a name like Suds, you’d think she’d like a bath…..but not so much. As a result, she was NOT going to walk up the steps to the bath and was too heavy for me to lift  alone. Sal was there doing his DPP shift, and saved the day by muscling Suds up and in so I could give her a nice “Sudsy” bath. And then there was Rocco who I could just not get dry after his bath due to his thick undercoat.  Usually I have to walk them around in the sun for 30+ minutes, but Larry came to the rescue and took Rocco out to the park and ran him dry!! HUGE help since I had a major mess in Intake from Suds shaking off water, shampoo AND conditioner all over the room.

Thanks for your help, guys, and all of the kind words from other DPPs who saw us struggling with a big dog in the sink!

~ Barb Ross, Dog Bathing Team

High Five to Kathie Meier! Kathie has been an amazing volunteer team with her dogs for 19 years. In the last couple years she has volunteered her amazing photography skills to teach our Animal Photography for Kids workshops. She does it all, buys the materials, loans cameras, teaches the class, and finds the perfect animal models. After the workshop she creates an online gallery for each student and then creates note cards with their favorite photos! All proceeds from the workshop go to Marin Humane. We love being able to offer this great workshop to the community and Kathie is the absolute best at teaching it!

A comment from one of the parents: WOW! thank you so much. Even though my son Clark felt kind of funny being the only boy, he had a GREAT time. He REALLY enjoyed it. Thank you so much for doing this!  I look forward to receiving the link and sharing with him. Thanks again! Thank you, Kathie, for your generous spirit!

~ Darlene Blackman, Community Engagement

High Five to Joe Louis! Apollo was adopted from Marin Humane several months ago. Unfortunately, he was picked up by Oakland Animal Services last week. When his owners didn’t come for him they contacted us. Yes, we wanted him back! In order to bring him back to the shelter, we asked one of our animal transporters to pick him up from Oakland. Joe Louis answered the call!

Apollo is a Mastiff Cross. Apollo is a BIG dog! To do the transport, we had to take the seats out of Joe’s minivan. Then we had to take the giant crate apart to fit it into his van. There was great team work between Dave Abrams and Joe to get it done. Thanks to Joe, Apollo is back with us and up for adoption now. Thank, you, Joe, for going the extra mile to bring Apollo back to Marin!

~ Mary Stumpo, Animal Care

High Five to Robin Wein! A special High Five for Robin and her Animal Assisted Therapy dog, Marley, for visiting Manor School. Here’s what the librarian at Manor School had to say about this team: “Thank you all! We had a good week of having guests and learning about different abilities. Having Robin and Marley join us was informative and perfect for the class she joined. They stayed calm and focused (due to Marley’s calming presence?). We look forward to doing more next year!” Hip hip hooray for Animal Assisted Therapy teams!!

~ Chelsea Fairbanks, Humane Education