High Five to Rosemary Oliveira! This High Five is for the awesome Rosemary Oliveira. All of our volunteers are terrific, but what I would like to acknowledge about Rosemary is that she tackles some of the harder volunteer tasks and she is utterly reliable.

Rosemary is currently in the process of providing a behavior foster for Estrella that will hopefully lead into her being Available for Adoption from Foster. Estrella is a fearful, nervous German Shepherd mix who was our guest during the fire and who is now in our care en route to her new forever home. Estrella wasn’t a candidate for adoption here at the shelter as her stress level was inducing some inappropriate behavior and she really wasn’t eating. Rosemary raised her hand and said, “I think I can work with her”. Behavior fostering is an extremely difficult endeavor as you are bringing an animal with a known behavior problem into your home. Stress and anxiety are particularly challenging behaviors with which to live. And, behavior fosters are pouring their love into an animal who might not end up being adoption candidates. Behavior fosters are critical for some of our animals and the job is hard. Kudos to all of our behavior fosters!

Rosemary also helps organize and edit the monthly Noseletter. It seems like a simple enough task, just gather information, check grammar, spelling and diction, edit out excessive verbiage and present the information for final layout. Sounds easy? Well, it really isn’t! But, Rosemary never complains and she spends a lot of time each month on this popular feature.

Rosemary works as a Dog Training Assistant mentor. She trains other volunteers how to assist in our dog training classes. This can be a frustrating experience as sometimes a volunteer will come to all of the training but never follow through with a regular shift. Again, Rosemary is patient! She takes the long view.

Rosemary helped organize and supports both the Shelter Dog Kennel Enrichment program and the Playgroup program.

Finally (and I am likely forgetting something) Rosemary volunteers as part of the B team, Behavior Evaluations/Screen Team and works on the Donor Dog program. When Rosemary commits to a dog, not only does she attend all of the special behavior training sessions but she puts in the weekly work several days per week. Thank you Rosemary, you are AMAZING!

~ Dawn Kovell & Virginia Grainger, B&T

High Five to Bridget Helt! Bridget offered to coordinate a quarterly newsletter for our volunteer animal ambassadors. We were thrilled when she came to us with the idea. She had so many great suggestions including department news, volunteer profiles, and continuing education information, as well as highlights from the quarter. So far she has produced two editions of the newsletter, titled “Happy Tales” by popular vote. Our animal ambassador volunteers have been very happy with newsletter.

These hard working volunteers are usually working out in the community with their great animal companions, so the newsletter brings them together. Many volunteers are sending in articles and ideas. Our latest issue included an article written by a dispatcher at the Marin County Sheriff’s Department in praise of the visits provided by our volunteer dog ambassadors, a handling skills refresher, an introduction of our two newest volunteers – goats Mary and Moon Mollison, and notes of gratitude from people in the community. None of this would have been possible without Bridget!

We are so happy and she and her wonderful dog Ben are a part of our programs. Thank you Bridget for helping us connect our volunteers and bring our stories to others through “Happy Tales,” it would not have been possible without you!

~ Shilo Landis, Community Engagement

High Five to Neil Lurssen! Dog Pet Pal Neil Lurssen to the rescue!  That seems like a familiar call for him. On Sunday afternoon, we had no adoption volunteers and a lot of people interested in meeting dogs in the afternoon. Neil was kind enough to offer to take some dogs out to the yard to meet prospective adopters. Because of his good work and doggie knowledge, Bella and Timmy found their new forever homes! Neil, thank you for always being willing to help out!

~ Mary McDermott, Adoptions

High Five to Christine Maimon-Duclos! Christine recently returned from France after visiting family/friends for a couple of months. Not only have we missed her for Rabbit Romper Room but also Fred (our semi-feral cat) has missed seeing her on Sunday morning’s for laundry time. Though he didn’t recognize her right away, within in a few minutes he did and meowed a friendly Hello!

Christine was still on “France time” and getting back to her day to day routine, she came to the shelter for about four hours today to help us with laundry.  I asked why she got here so early and she said “well I was wide awake from the time change and just decided to come in extra early…at 8:00 a.m.!” She was, as always, determined to get as much laundry done as possible, with a smile.

Plus, she took home a rabbit to foster! Reggi is a senior rabbit that I was hoping Christine would foster once she returned. I thought Reggi would be perfect for Christine … because, well, he is obese.  Sadly his diet was not what it should be and we are hoping at Auntie Christine’s he’ll get a bit more trim.  As they say in France: Vous nous avez manqué!!!

~ Suzanne Gollin, Foster Care Coordinator

High Five to Barb Ross! I would like to send a big shout out and thank you to Barb! With our vet assistants being out sick there was a lot to do on top of 4 night kennel calls. One of which was a private clinic cat that had opened up his sutures. Barb went into the night kennel to take a look and knew exactly what to do. It was a late night and Barb stuck it though and helped out until 9:30pm! My hero. ❤

~ Lisette Gutierrez, Animal Care