Bolinas Fox - 300 pxThis Wednesday evening (July 30, 2014) a team of Marin Humane Society staff were able to successfully free a fox from the mouth of a broken glass jar that was stuck around his neck.

MHS was notified by a Good Samaritan in Bolinas that there was a fox showing up on their property with something around his neck, initially thought to be a piece of plastic.

The MHS Animal Service Officers designed a plan to safely capture the fox and remove the foreign object. Once the fox was safely secured in the trap he was transported to the Marin Humane Society where our team of veterinarians and officers were standing by.

Fox in trap - 300 pxUpon arrival Captain Cindy Machado, Lieutenant Steve Hill and Officer Adrienne Russo transferred the fox from the trap to an examination cage. An attempt to remove the object with forceps was unsuccessful. It was determined that the glass would have to be broken off.

A mild sedative was administered by Dr. Evans, DVM and Registered Veterinary Technician Andrea Reese. Capt. Machado and Officer Russo safely secured the fox, while Lt. Hill carefully utilized a metal ruler under the glass, protective towels and a small hammer to break the glass away from the fox’s neck. All the glass was removed, the area was examined, and luckily, no injuries were found.

RemovingGlassFromFoxA second injection to reverse the sedative was given and the fox was placed back into the trap.

Officer Russo monitored the fox, ensuring his full recovery. The fox was then returned back to the location to join his two siblings.

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So, what does the fox say?

The fox says, “thank you!”

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