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Urgently Needed – Big Dog Fosters

We’re always looking for more foster homes, but this request is an urgent one and gives us pause. Nationally, there is a crisis that’s been growing for some time and has now reached untenable levels. Big dogs have been overwhelming shelters, and it’s MUCH harder to place them into foster homes largely based on their size alone. Through no fault of their own, being large can intimidate some fosters, and for many that reside in smaller homes or apartments, hosting a smaller dog is often thought to be easier to manage.

The number of big dogs in shelters has now reached an alarming rate, and we are seeing our own big shelter dogs having a much harder time finding foster placement. Often, kennel stress begins taking effect, possibly hindering adoption even more.  It’s urgent to get big dogs out of shelters and into foster care now.

We are actively seeking big dog fosters and want to share a special plan we’ve developed to help these needed fosters. Learn more and get involved today!

Kitten Season is Here!

The kittens have just arrived from the start of kitten season, and we’re already bursting at the seams, and our fosters are already filling up with ones from Oakland Animal Shelter. Oakland’s shelter relies on us heavily to intake the highest number of dogs and cats each year than any other partner, and we take this commitment to heart.

Want to get in on some kitten fun? We’re looking for kitten/cat care volunteers in our Oakland office starting immediately! Come join us by contacting for more information! If you’re interested in volunteering with other animals like cats, dogs, bunnies, guinea pigs and more, come volunteer at our Novato campus by going to our online volunteer site for more information. There’s something for everyone!

Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies!

Remember when we received so many puppies during Covid and the year afterwards? Well, that never ended, and we continue to intake an incredibly high volume of pups – about 80% of our total canine intakes! We attended a recent conference with our Marin Humane colleagues to hear how our shelter partners in Fresno and San Francisco were doing, and across the board, puppy numbers are way up. If you know of friends or family looking to add a puppy to their household, now is an excellent time to adopt!

We load up the vans each Saturday morning at our Oakland office to head out to the mobile adoption events from 12pm to 3pm, and our colleagues bring even more dogs over from our Novato campus. Keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram and Facebook pages to see some of our available puppies and dogs from the Hopalong Foster Program and from our main campus in Novato! Puppies are usually listed on Fridays just before the events!

Keep an eye on these helpful pages:

Mobile Adoption Events
Hopalong Instagram
Hopalong Facebook
Marin Humane Instagram
Marin Humane Facebook
Marin Humane main adoption page

Here are some of our adorable, sweet peas who recently passed through our doors!

One of Our All-time Favorite Programs

Fostering is the very heart of what we do as it gives so many animals a chance to decompress after arrival, unpack their bags, and share their true colors which helps find their new, adoptive homes. One program that excited us greatly during our merger is Marin Humane’s Pen Pals of San Quentin program.

Since 2005, the Pen Pals of San Quentin program has been helping nonviolent, specially-selected inmates learn how to help dogs overcome medical and behavioral issues so they can be ready to find their forever home.


Happy Endings

Who doesn’t love some good, old fashioned, happy news! Check out who has gone home lately!


Behind the Scenes of the Hopalong Foster Program

We often get asked, “Are you still intaking from the same shelters in the East Bay as before? Do you still have the same office and staff? Can I still donate to the Hopalong Program?”

The answer is a resounding YES! We are as busy as ever, still intaking from the same shelters as before, are still in our same exact spot with the same wonderful staff, and yes, you can absolutely donate to the Hopalong Program. The exciting thing is that we have now grown under our parent organization, Marin Humane, and can do even more. We are part of a greater whole which means we now have two locations – Oakland and Novato, and we are part of a larger, shelter system. Animals are coming in from multiple locations to be placed into foster care, and we regularly run transport to and from both locations for medical care, spay / neuter services, foster placement and adoption. Donations can be made to us as a whole organization to Marin Humane, or you can designate it to the Hopalong Foster Program when making a donation.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out for a tour (we’re dying to show you the Novato campus too), a chat over coffee, or via email or a phone call. Contact Juliet Boyd at or via cell – 415-342-9949.