Main Coon CatIt’s hard to believe, but Whiskey is now 9 months old! He is the absolute love of my life!

We bonded so quickly, and the very first night at home, slept right at my feet, gradually moving towards my stomach!

Of course, we are still learning about not jumping up on the counter and not biting the cord/ humans, but what a smart kitty Whiskey is -he knows that when I have to leave the apartment, I can throw treats in the middle of the room and he’ll go and hunt for them. That way I can leave and prevent him from going outside where he may get lost or eaten by a coyote.

When I come home, he goes to the middle of the living room floor and sits until I get all my bags of groceries in.

In the photograph, you can see how much she has changed! His fur has gone from light to dark, and his meows are changing a bit too. As a Maine Coon cat, he loves to sleep in the crook of my knees, while I watch a movie, and at night time, he will make his body all flat, and lean in for a cuddle -a trait that I learned most Maine Coon cats do.

He loves the wand, doing flips like Olympic winner Simone Biles, and all of his other toys- but his favorite thing to do is play with paper or paper towels! I don’t need a paper shredder as Whiskey will shred anything into a million pieces! Thank goodness I don’t subscribe to a newspaper or magazine!

Constant chin rubs and belly rubs are his favorites!

I will miss my forever kitty friend of 16 years named Sammy, but Whiskey has brought a lot of new love back into my life, and I have all of you to thank for that!

-Linda Szi