Dr. Belinda Evans with Valencia Castillo and Pookie

Ten-year-old Pookie was surrendered to MHS after her guardian was forced to move and could not take her beloved cat with her. Our veterinary team discovered that Pookie had a benign tumor that was producing too much thyroid hormone (hyperthyroidism). “Without treatment, the condition causes problems with multiple organs, and eventually death,” says Belinda Evans, director of veterinary services for the Marin Humane Society.

Pookie underwent radioactive iodine therapy, a treatment for hyperthyroidism, at a clinic in San Mateo. There she caught the eye of veterinary technician Valencia Castillo, who remembers a laid-back, affectionate cat.

Following treatment, Pookie spent a couple of weeks recuperating in a loving foster home while we waited for her radioactive levels to return to normal. “Whoever is lucky enough to give Pookie her forever home will be duly rewarded with an insurmountable amount of affection,” boasted Pookie’s foster mom.

Meanwhile, Valencia Castillo could not get Pookie out of her mind. As soon as Pookie returned from foster care, Valencia drove to MHS from her Alameda home to finalize the adoption!